Sunday, August 26, 2012

God shed His grace on thee...

For Independence Day this year we were actually in Rexburg! Since it fell on a Wednesday, and Jake's place of business stayed open, our options were a bit limited.

But that night we ventured to Idaho Falls to watch the epic firework show! Wahoo!

We had some good friends save us a spot right by the river, and we all hung out for a few hours before it got dark. Jake got us some oober yummy snacks to pass the time; swedish fish, fruit, and rootbeer!
It was fun to show off my babe in his patrotic digs, and just enjoy the summer vibe.

 The whole outing was a much different experience than it years past, full of diaper changes, feedings, and worrying about the noise --- but Denym did so well!  And I am glad that I got to look up at the sky in wonder with my hubs, and feel grateful for the freedoms we enjoy.

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