Monday, August 6, 2012

Paso-Fino Open House

June 23rd and time for the annual horse open house in Mink Creek. We managed once again to make it to the in-laws ranch for some Horsin 'around!
Heidi and her fiance` had the honor of doing the flag ceremony this year, and did a really great job with it.
The old man obviously knows what he's doing with his 200+ animals. It's always fun to hear him spout off his knowledge and show off his skills.

Jake didn't actually break a horse this year, as he usually does, but he did look quite impressive during the gate demonstration.

We considered letting Denym get a feel for the saddle during the "open ride" time, but then thought perhaps we should wait until next year. He was, after all, only 6 weeks old.

Lots of sun, some visiting with good folks, and a few sodas later we called this years show a success! 

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