Sunday, September 2, 2012


The days are getting colder and we're trying to make the most of the last weeks of summer. Jake's day-off means it is time for an adventure!
We loaded up the 4-wheeler and drove up to the Mesa-Falls area where we knew there was a good trail. It was the old train track that goes all the way to Yellowstone, though we didn't go near that far. I strapped Denym to me in a front carrier and let him enjoy the ride as well! Dad was careful not to go too fast and Mom made sure he was secure.
After a few hours of exploring trails, I told Jake we should find a place by a river to eat lunch. Not long after I made the request, he pulled into this perfect little nook that even had a picnic table! My man delivers!
A few sandwiches and snacks, then I decided to wade in the water a bit. Super cold, but I was feeling spunky.
Dad kept himself busy by catching grasshoppers and then throwing them to the fishes.

For some reason the ride back was REAL dusty, and those of us in the back (Denym and myself) came out of there covered in DIRT! I had him almost entirely bundled, so I got the worst of it. It took many a baby wipe to get me looking human again before the drive home.

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