Friday, August 31, 2012

Also in July...

July 7th
While Jake enjoyed a night out with the boys, me and my palsy Karrianne had a little R and R session at my place. (That's Rest and Relaxation, but it sounds cooler and much more like an event when abbreviated in such a manner.) Sadly, we took no pictures because we were obviously REAL busy. She mostly came up to snuggle my chubsy baby I am pretty sure, so we'll add a picture of him.... I might could dig one up. I don't know though... I hardly ever take any of him. ("Are you pickin' up my sarcasm? Cuz I'm layin' it on pretty thick.")

 July 13th
We went to visit Grandma Susan at the cabin. Jake had meetings on Friday so we high-tailed it up there on Thursday night and planned a glorious weekend getaway around his mandatory work shenanigans. It didn't quite start out glorious, as both of us fell ill with a nasty 24 hour bug on the way up. I thought I was just over-the-top carsick at first, and we made several several emergency stops along the drive, but it soon became apparent that it was more than motion sickness. We finally made it to the comfort of the cabin - although I was sure I would die before we reached the safe haven :)  Jake didn't get it too bad until the next morning, and we were both pretty much over it by the following afternoon. Strange little devil bug. So Jake made it to and through his meetings, then we commenced our enjoyment of the canyon trails.
Susan picked us out the perfect little hike that led to... I believe it was called "Lake Solitude" up by the ski resort. It was just right so I could carry baby boy, get a small workout, and still enjoy the surroundings. The weather turned a little drizzly, but the coolness was refreshing and who doesn't love the smell of rain?
 I am pretty sure Mr. Denym was born to be an outdoorsman. He was so happy the entire time - even in the rain; Looked at the trees in wonder, took a little snooze, ate a snack up at the lake, and watched the ducks with Dad.

 July 24th
Pioneer Day, and Hyde Reunion of sorts. Landry's family couldn't make it up this year because of their new baby, and Jake had to work - but everyone else made it. 
Our float wasn't very fancy this year, but hey, we got one put together! We are pretty much the only family who does one anymore so I guess you could say that we are the entire parade in and of ourselves. Yes, there are some four-wheelers, horses, an occasional buggy or truck, and then us. Ta Da! Don't worry, we go around the circle twice to make it longer. And stay tuned for next year, cuz we have a cute idea already cookin'.
All the other traditional activities commenced shortly after the parade; Chicken chases, tug-o-war, barrel races, dunk tank - although we did miss the egg toss this year. Someone forgot to bring eggs! Oh the horror! However, a new thrilling challenge emerged - The 5 person 6 legged race! Wowza. We were told it was hard to complete, let alone do it quickly... of course we couldn't resist such a dare. Many tried, most failed, and the Hyde sisters rose victorious! Go us!

July 28th
Time for the famous Preston night rodeo! We saw some mutton bustin' hilarity, some barrel-racing skills, some crazy bull-riding cowboys, all while enjoying the smells of caramel apples and cotton candy. We took some friends with us to share the experience of said ruckus - as well as the joys of the farm. When we all went out shooting I let Denym come along... He pretty much had HUGE eyes the whole time.
In other news
We have really enjoyed going to the Drive-In movies just outside of town. Summer nights under the stars while baby is sleeping make for awesome date nights. I just feed the little guy in the privacy of our very own pick-up, then bundle him in a snug bed of sleeping bags, and adjust the volume to promote uninterrupted snoozing --- (which I imagine are all very difficult things to do in a movie theater)  The first time we saw Ice Age 4 and Brave. Next the double feature was Bourne Legacy and Spiderman. We were hoping to see Batman in this setting, but it was playing with Borne Legacy... which we didn't care to see again. BUT, I still say Drive-In Movies for the WIN!

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