Friday, August 31, 2012

The Lake of Bears - Bear Lake

Each year, we try to get our high-school groupies back together to go on some kind of outing or spend some time catching up. As time goes on, and we keep spreading further apart from each other (ahem.... Justin moving to Alaska. Sheesh!)  it gets a little trickier to coordinate. This year several of us managed to meet up at Bear Lake the first weekend in August.Plus a couple of non-highschool friends!
 Here is Arianna Hostetter playing with the kiddos in the sand. Her bubba Skylar chose to swim in the sand rather than the water - covered from head to toe and completely adorable.
 Here's our little beach bum chillin' in the shade. He did experience his first swim by insistence of his Mother - details on his blog.
 Karrianne and I feel that it is an absolute necessity to build a sand castle when the opportunity presents itself. Due to shortage of time this is not our finest work, but we still like it.
 Ben Hostetter and Jake took our little inflatable boat out into the waves and tried to get Jake's kite to pull them. For the sake of their pride we will say it kinda worked.
 The Warrens were present, and our little man got to meet Karri for the first time. Love at first snuggle.
And then there is this. Jake was trying to get me to laugh, and thus put on my beach-wrap-skirt- thingy. (Yes, that is it's official name.) Karrianne tried to snap a picture while he was still hula dancing and frolicking about in it - close enough for me! What a hunk.

We of course stopped at "The Bear Cave" for raspberry shakes on the way home. A day well spent. Man, sometimes I just can't get enough of the water - hope we make it back before the summer ends!

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